Saab 9-3 to enter Swedish Touring Car Championship

A Saab 9-3 is to be entered into the S2000 class of the Swedish Touring Car Championship in 2009.

I don’t know much about this class of racing, but I do know that a premium presence in a tarmac series like the STCC is a great thing, and Saab need more of it.

The car is still under construction, but was taken out for a practice session this week and was particularly solid, according to Jens Edman, the proposed driver for team Dealer Saab.

Saab are obviously helping out with the development of the car. The lap sessions was held at Saab’s own test track. The extent of the help is as-yet unknown, however, with Saab staying mum on whether it’ll be what we’d normally consider a factory team.

The car features a two litre Saab BioPower engine, and was chosen for Saab’s expertise in this area.

The full story is over at Touring Car Times.


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12 thoughts on “Saab 9-3 to enter Swedish Touring Car Championship

  1. This is good news. Now SAAB can beat bimmers audis and ovlovs all day long…

    The ranking for 2008:
    Place, Brand, Points
    1 BMW 128
    2 Honda 86
    3 Volvo 62
    4 Chevrolet 34
    5 Alfa Romeo 22
    6 Peugeot 19
    7 Seat 18
    8 Audi 17

  2. Finally!

    Now i can pick up STCC again. There have been too little motor sport in my life with only F1.

  3. I would love a future in ALMS!!!!!!!! I would shoe up for at LEAST Mid Ohio, Road America, or anywhere in the Midwest they show up at. At the minimum, we need a World Challenge team.

  4. Good news – Saab needs to expand their motorsport presence and joint-partnerships like this are a great start. No better advertising for XWD than a top position in a major rally competition, for example.

  5. This is awesome news and I hope that this is only the beginning of a factory-sponsored return to motorsports for Saab. This would also be a great marketing tool for that 2.0T Aero FWD model that’s supposed to be getting added to the lineup in the US.

    My pipedream (which would include Saab axing the v6 for the next-gen 9-3) would be to see Saab go after a WRC campaign with that next-gen car. That way, rather than trying to beat the M3, etc at a game that Saab just doesn’t have the resources to play, the next-gen Turbo X/Viggen/SPG/whatever could become a real screamer of a homologation special. If Saab could sell a car with the reflexes, handling and high-powered 300+hp 4-cylinder drivetrain that the STI and Evo have, but with all of the luxury and personality that we love about Saab then it could be a very, very big hit for them.

  6. Looks good the next step should be WTCC but that would be considerably more expensive than a national series such as the STCC. I think ALMS or WRC are well out of the picture, especially if GM are cutting the overall marketing budget.

    By the way the rear spoiler is strictly regulated in shape, size and position and Touring cars are front wheel drive only.

    A great gag would be if Saab entered the German DTM series!

    Unfortunately this is also a very high cost series and again geographically restricted.

  7. Ya gotta pay to play, and don’t think for a second that a properly-done WRC, ALMS, or WTCC campaign wouldn’t be a big, big boost to Saab’s brand perception.

  8. Alex.. I´m totaly with you. A Saab WTCC team, instead of Daewoo/Chevy, would generate a higher number of viewers for the series and boost Saab awareness. WRC? No, not until there is a 9-1

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