Hang around TS and become a WINNER!!

OK, the headline was tongue in cheek, but we’ve had a month of significant wins here at TS.

First up, I had a win in my fight with the insurance company that refused to cover my Viggen. Shortly after that, our unofficial ambassador for Saab in the UK, Robin M, had a win in his Test Drive the TTiD competition and is heading off for an Icy Adventure in northern Sweden, courtesy of Saab GB.

And most recently, I heard of another win earlier this week. And it’s a biggie.

When Saab Australia released details of their limited edition Black Turbo model there was a little notice there stating that if you took a test drive in any Saab you had a chance to win a trip to Spain to drive the Turbo X.

This was almost the perfect competition to enter. Local knowledge about it was quite limited, the time period to enter was extremely short (only about 2 weeks), people had to make a concerted effort to enter by setting aside time for a test drive, and the potential payoff was huge. TrackOn offer to two winners was a trip to Spain to the super-secret IDIADA proving grounds where there’s no photography allowed due to the volume of testing that goes on, involving all sorts of top secret prototypes. Those straights are 2,000 meters in length. Ooooooh yeaaaaaaahh!

Long story, shortened: One of our regular readers and contributors here at TS – Turbin – took the time for a test drive, informed his salesman about the competition (I told you local knowledge was limited, right?) and got the email on Monday telling him he was a winner!!

He’s heading off in June to spend some quality time with Mrs Turbin in some nice Spanish hotels, seeing the sights around Barcelona on a couple of guided tours, and then spending some real quality time behind the wheel of the Turbo X on one of the world’s more exclusive tracks.



Click here for a brilliant PDF brochure about the IDIADA track and what goes on there (3.7MB).


It was Turbin who started off the whole Subaru thing by finding the advertisement that led to my discussions with them, that further led to me driving a WRX for the last two months.

We’re even now, baby!


11 thoughts on “Hang around TS and become a WINNER!!

  1. Thanks guys, that test drive of a 2.0T was hard work! Yes, we are now even, Steven!

  2. Yay turbin.

    Man, I was hoping Swade was doing another contest…one that didn’t require a good camera :p

  3. Unfortunately there shall be little or no pics, unless you want to see me and mrs. sightseeing.

    IDIADA is an amazingly secure private track with no cameras or video. They have a control tower and monitor everything.

    I believe somebody got some shots of an Alfa proto in early 07 using a mobile-phone or spy camera. You can be rest-assured that the culprit was eventually identified and sacked by their employer (whoever that may be).

    All types of prototypes and close-to-production cars are given a shakedown there (sometimes literally), including the Viggen back in 99 or so. This proving ground’s reputation rests on its security and privacy as well as quality and diversity of testing environments.

    I believe a detailed report is due though at threat of being visited by Swade with a big stick.

  4. I live near Barcelona(The IDIADA track is in Tarragona province), about 100km of the IDIADA track.

    I asked the dealer and Saab Spain, and they don’t have any idea about this event. They say should be something for some “local” markets and not global.

    Incredible but true…….

    Turbin, if you come to Barcelona and need some help to move around. XDDDDD


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