Custom badges refined

Over the last few days, I’ve been showing you some adhesive badges that Ivan’s been developing.

Here’s the latest versions….

The Griffin badge has been finished off with the tongue receiving the metallic treatment. The badge has been mirrored so that it can be applied to both sides of a vehicle and still be facing the front.

These are 35mm x 48.5mm in their standard form but can be made bigger on request. The price will be 5 Euro each plus postage.

The Elk badges have also been mirrored so the can both face the same direction when applied. These are 51mm x 45mm in standard form and are also 5 Euro each, plus postage.

For the cheekier ones amongst you, those with Saab 9000s and earlier, there’s the 100% GM Free badge, which I’m certain just pertains to your diet. We wouldn’t want to annoy the corporate parent now, would we?

Again, it’s 5 Euro plus postage.

All of these are available in larger sizes at 6 Euro each. Just let Ivan know what size you’d like and he can make it up for you.

Fully customised badges, where Ivan will turn an idea from your brain into reality, will cost up to around 20 Euro to cover design and production.

Please direct all enquiries to Ivan at

8 thoughts on “Custom badges refined

  1. Thanks, Jeff! :)

    Swade: Ok, The GM-free badge is a request from some C900 owner.
    They proud of their original swedish roots and their think that Saab’s history ended by the GM ownership.
    Even I don’t agree, I can understand their feelings.

  2. according to Ivan they are all silver; the photos show a gold tint that isn’t there.
    I just placed my order – am I first? ;-)

  3. Tim: Yes, you are the first international customer, however, I have already dozens of orders from Hungary.

    Robin: I will look after, actually, I know that there are some gold metallic substrate, but didn’t try yet. Maybe the price could be little bit different. Anyway, I’m almost sure that it’s possible with Gold, if you like that one.

  4. I want one of the Griffins to put on my Thunderbird, but I don’t have six Euros to spend.

    Ivan, a good product for the store would be a bumper sticker that said “I’d rather be flying” with a picture of the Griffin or a Saab outline next to it, for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to own one.

  5. Ivan, sorry to confuse you, silver is good for me, I asked because the picture made it look gold. Robin.

  6. Griffin, Thunderbird? Shouldn’t you keep these two beasts on opposite sides of the globe as they currently are? I feel a rip in the fabric of mythology coming…

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