Another Saab 9-1 Sneak Peek

Hot of the presses and shot through the interwebs by Djup Strupe.

Here’s the latest look at Saab’s 9-1 concept to be unveiled in Geneva in just a few weeks time.

Trollhattan Saab will be there and personally, I can’t wait to see the curtain lifted on this little baby….

Saab 9-1

How about a little comparo with the Saab 9x concept from 2001?

Saab 9x and 9-1

And for your convenience, here’s last week’s image once again….

Saab banner

I’ll take a guess and say that they’re really going to push the 9x angle on this car.

Last week I posted a number of images of the Saab 9x, which I downloaded from the GM Media library. Tonight, when I checked it again to get that profile shot of the car, there was nearly twice the number of 9x photos in the archive, including many of the car in construction.

Fun times, y’all!

56 thoughts on “Another Saab 9-1 Sneak Peek

  1. OK, seem like a distinct profile to me. But clearly no rounded wind-shield a la Saab 99/900. Interesting…

  2. CTM-what??!?

    Clearly it has the wraparound windshield-just look at where the side mirrors are….

    Although the wraparound windshield is an old SAAB trademark, it just makes looking at traffic lights all the more difficult…

    Can’t wait to see what it does….

  3. Ooooooooh, those tingles, damn those tingles, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

    Dagnabbit!! The wait is killing me here!!

    This car will be perfect to replace the Astra we currently have, all Saab garage wanted :) It will look so nice sat next to my ‘vert :)

    Oooooh, here’s a thought, a 9-1 convertible!!! Probably thinking way too far ahead! But hey, now BMW and Audi have cars in this sectore (read 1 series convertible and Audi A3 convertible.) as well as Ovlov (C70) and VW (Eos) then a 9-1 ‘vert could well be on the horizon too!!

    Hmmm, 9-4X and 9-1 ‘vert in the drive perhaps? Oh the mind boggles and damn, there is that tingle again!

  4. It looks like they resurrected the 9-X with an Aero X nose. I hope they keep the innovative rear hatch from the 9-X. I for one am glad they did not go with a retro look.

  5. A round windshield would be difficult since it shares arkitecture with the new Opel Astra.

    Looks promissing, doesnt look like there going to be as good space as in the OG900. But this prototype is it going to be more than a to seater. By looking at the size of the door and the sace left behind it.

    Would be nice with a new SAAB with a bit more luggage space than for your cleen socks and tooth brush. But then again one are maybe supposed to buy the 9-4x or the 9-5?

    Not all SAAB buyers are looking for an design item to put in front of the house.

  6. SAAB007,

    Think I expressed myself a little bit vauge. I was thinking about one that stands more up and is rounded.

  7. Just for info… the german says…. “the difference is called the future” or “the difference is the future”, whichever translates better for you.
    Looks really exciting can’t wait until the unveil. Its a bit different to what I was thinking of but the 9x-ness of it makes it all better…
    the sooner this comes out the better !!!!

  8. It certainly will be unique in the small premium hatch segment. Compared to the BMW 130 or Audi A3 this looks different in a good way.

  9. One thing is for sure, Saab certainly are getting the marketing right for this one. Leaking teaser shots and the like. Finally something out there to create some anticipation!

    I heard mutterings from a GM connection that it could be on the road as either MY09 or MY09.5 and that Delta II will be the platform.

    The same contact also says that quite a few US dealers have been lobbying hard to get XWD on the ‘vert, although nothing is shifting the position on that Saab stance, the fact it is seen as important for the model may have an effect.

  10. WOW. That’s a real head-turner…and we haven’t seen 87% of it yet!
    Aggresive design is the right direction Saab is taking w/ this ‘lil street fighter – i hope there’s a beastly engine under the hood to match the looks!

  11. I’d say the car (under the rag) pictured IS the 9-x, and has nothing to do with 9-1 concept.

    Feel free to disagree.

  12. riku- That’s what I thought at first look. It pretty much looks the same as the 9x, and I’d be quite pissed if after 5+ years they come out with pretty much the “same” car.

    It’s still listed as a concept car. I really hope it’s close to the actual production model.

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to anything new from Saab.

  13. agree riku!

    especially the wheel design is not exactly contemporary and makes me wonder if this may be just the 9-X and its teaser image from back in 2001.

  14. Based on how short the greenhouse is on the cloth-covered car, I’d say this is going to be more concept than prototype. Disappointing, because the Viggen is dying and it could make it to MY2009.5 but probably not 2011. So I’m hoping the picture is just a teaser not the real thing to be displayed at Geneva.

  15. I always imagined that they couldn’t make a five door out of the 9X? I’m sure unlike the Volvo C30, the 9-1 will be both 3 and 5 door.
    If you look closely, there are wrinkles in the cover where a door mirror would be.
    The silhouette showed no mirrors.
    None of it adds up?
    It only shares a basic floorpan with the next Astra so I’m sure this won’t preclude a curved windscreen if Saab has any sense?

  16. Check the overhang at the front … the car under teh sheet has slightly different geometry than the 9x.

    The weight should be well under control and the weight to power ratio should be fantastic given what we have seem from GM’s other new small cars.

  17. The car, as well as the cloth are both CGI’s so don’t take every wrinkle so seriously. Besides, as you can see, the 9x picture is “taken” from a higher angle as the 9-1. The proportions aren’t exactly the same. Someone could do a photoshop where the cars are of the same size proportions, and perhaps a little of perspective correction on top of that to see how much similarity there really is.

  18. @VVV won’t work.. at least not satisfactory. the focal lenght used for the 2nd CGI is too different from the one used for the first shot.

  19. It is promising & exciting.
    Indeed great saab doesn’t go with the flow and make another retrolook car.

    I guess 9-1 convertible is a bit too early, altough bmw & audi are going to have one of this size but the one series has been a relative good selled car as 5-door hatch (in contrast with their previous 3-series compact). By the way, does anyone know the sale figures of the ovlov C30 ? I thought ovlov is waiting to take a decision about a 5-door hatch after enough sales of the 3-door version.

    Would be nice if 9-1 comes in both 3 & 5 doors.

  20. It would be nice to have the 5 door option but going by the picture there doesn’t look like a hell of a lot of room for the extra door – unless they there’s a suicide door in the pipeline (naff).

  21. Aren’t they a bunch of teases?

    I hate to rain on anyones parade but this is a concept car that will probably bear no resemblance to the real thing – as much as Id love it to! I seem to recall that GM has given Saab EUR2.2billion to develop four new cars (the 9-4X, the 9-5, 9-1 and new 9-3) so I dont think we should be getting overly excited at the prospect of something earth-shattering here.

    They are correct in saying it will be Mini-sized though as this is most definitely not Astra sized. I also have a suspicion that Saab are distracting us from the real thing as I think its the 9X under that cover.

    I hope like hell I am wrong coz when I first saw the pic I was drooling! :D

  22. I say finally! After many years of waiting the 9X genes are ready to take off. I´d better inform my friends at NAS Patuxent River, MD that SAAB finally has built a true “fighter” worthy of Test-Pilot people. I bought a few of the 9X Folio books with the true-rubber outside for them and I could easily have sold 3-4 of the 9X if there would have been any.

    Time to buckle up! This car just looks awsome even with the cover on.
    So who is the designer is it Michael Maurer (now at Porsche) or is it Brian Nesbitt? Or a combination. Scandinavian design well…..

    SAAB 9-1 requesting clearence for take-off on runway 91! 9-1 You have a GO!

  23. Maritn N is right!

    Take this picture down you’ve been fooled

    besides this the first 9-1 teaser has no mirrors and the one under the tarp does

  24. Indeed, Martin N must be right.

    but a 9x with an AeroX front could’ve been interesting, I’m not that keen on the 9x front you see.

  25. i was about to say why are people so excited. it seems someone just sent swade a picture of the 9x reveal. like others have said it has the same mirrors, and the creases in the cloth are the exact same in both pics.

  26. I am not sure about the authenticity of this picture, too. Why should Saab show a concept car which nearly looks similar to the 9-X? They have no need for more concept cars this year.
    The 9-1X only makes sense if it differs from the 9-X.

    “heisst” should be “heißt”. But that is a common mistake in Germany and I think it is even correct in Switzerland.
    Moreover the slogan sounds a bit oddly in my opinion.

    But to be honest: it doesn’t matter, does it? Saab gets a compact car which either looks like the stunning 9-X or has another stunning design!

  27. In my opinion, the upper three quarters of the car (the part we cant see) resemble more the 93 concept & not too far off from the Opel Astra 3 door. I think it’ll be a nice blend of the 9X, 93 conepts & will be a good addition to the line up.

    Ill be in line to get one.

  28. bk-aero i agree, the picture and the slogan don’t match up at all, the slogan saying the difference is the future (or there abouts) and the picture after some looking at it looks like the 9x, which is from the past. Also why would the slogan be in German? not Swedish or English. And another thing, the heisst was spelt like that in the Swiss adverts, this hints that this is for Geneva, but why not put it out in English then it would reach a larger audience? The heisst part also makes it seem a bit childish anglo-deutsch, because if i’m ever typing anything in german i have to use “ss” rather than the other symbol “ß”, making it seem a bit un-corperate for them to show it…. all adds up to being very odd…..

  29. if the 9-1 or 9-2 whatever they finally name it looks like the old 9x it will be a no go for me.
    I hope they go aggressive with the design along with cues from the newer Aero X.

    also hope the they offer 3 and 5 models with XWD.

  30. I so can’t wait to see this. Believe it or not this waiting is driving me even more crazy for the next 9-5. Saab is doing an excellent job on keeping this car a secret. The 9-5 has been my favorite car since 1998 and still is. This has to be the best kept secret GM has. The fact that this car appears to be 95% 9X gives me hope that the next 9-5 will be a true Saab.

  31. The lack of overhang over the rear wheels has me believing that this car is more of a concept vehicle than the 9-4X is.

  32. could this be here to throw us of the scent a bit? Saab could be playing more mind games than they ever have?…. however i somehow doubt that….

  33. While some of us prefer the Aero-X above the 9X, saab must have discovered there is a inofficial 9X-fanclub commenting a lot at this So above anything all, they hired this Juststrupe guy just in order to please us, putting the 9X under a white cover… .

    (of course Swade won’t tell us names where he got this picture from, but i can’t see it on official saabsites yet, so it is interesting to know the origin of the picture: Is it really inside saab-info or just another trollhattan-visitor playing with our minds using his photoshop-skills ?)

  34. Wow, don’t we have a lot of skeptics here, then?

    I don’t give away the identity of Djup Strupes, but suffice to say that I’m quite content with the source of the image and its authenticity. Dsaabm and Martin, I posted an image of the 9x with the sneak peek as I wanted to see exactly what you’ve tried to show. Except your image isn’t a genuine 9x, mine is. I got it straight from the GM Media site.

    As you can see on my comparo shot, the front styling of the concept is different to the 9x, and the front overhand on the concept is different to the 9x.

    It’s a CGI, no doubt about it. All the stuff that comes out prior to the show is CGI.

    But I’ve got no doubts about the nature of the document this was taken from (if the grainy image doesn’t give it away by itself, let me tell you it was scanned from a physical document).

    This is now cleared up in a new post – SW

  35. Authentic or no, I hope that if they kept with the 9x theme that they re-worked the upright B-pillar design a bit. I never thought it fit the car as well as a forward-leaning design would. My two cents.

  36. OK Swade, if you’re content with your source it’ll be fine. I”m not interested in the indenty of Djup, only in the reality of the thing that is going to be uncovered in Geneva.

    Just would be fine for the 9X-lovers (and of course all Aero-X adepts & eveyone else who needs to know that Saab 9-1 is THE car) if the damn thing under the blanket could be tested someday by another mysterious one like the Stig …

  37. Look on the website under concept cars and you can tell this latest image (sheet over it) is nearly identical, if not identical, to the side view of the 9x concept car on the webpage.

    I would be surprised if they waited many years and it looks this close to the 9x concept, but that is what it appears they are doing if that is the real 9-1 in that image.

  38. eggsngrits:I hope that if they kept with the 9x theme that they re-worked the upright B-pillar design a bit.
    Would you say that the 9-1 should have more of a 9-3 sportwagon(combi) look to it? with the C-pillar being most dominant? I think that this would look better than the 9x design (I’m not sure on it too). this would then open up the possiblity of 5 doors, which would be more practical.
    BUT and it a big rounded full bodied but, this would make the 9-1 look less like the 9x which apart from that pillar, I really liked.
    At the moment though all I am seeing in that picture is 9-3sc or 9-4x style rear, with the C-pillar being larger…
    and swade I wasn’t being sceptical… i was just being cautious :D

  39. Sorry Swade, I’m a naysayer as well.

    Checked out Matt’s directions above and the Saab Global 9-X site has a CGI image identical to that under the sheet as per Martin N’s link above. Looks like somebody sent you the orginal 9-X teaser. Was it not also revealed at Frankfurt explaining the German?

  40. Tiago, i tried your link but it says: Access denied!

    turbin, the original 9-X teaser, that would be a saab-joke, it was indeed revealed in Frankfurt but i can recall only a topview as a first teaser, back then.

    “Now you can have it all” was the all too positive slogan used by saab.

  41. hmm… no more issues about the authenticity of the CGI. It’s also in the same line as the Swiss ad series we saw recently.

    But still the question remains if they want us to be confused, or they just welded the Aero-X front on the 9X which is pretty exciting.

    And please, all those authentic image providers, when you’ll ‘leak’ the 9-1 concept images for the first time… I sincerely hope you’ll give us HiRes CGI’s, a decent first impression is very important.

    Can’t wait for the final result.

  42. Tiago seems to have it right. Front overhang is longer than in swades comparision.
    Swade seems to have it right too. Back then 8X with shorter front overhang exist also.
    I checked it on
    Or saab made back then bad cgi’s or it is a said before by someone just a mater of perspective and distance between eye and car.

    Whatever comes out of the blanket, Saab is moving our minds …

    (anyone knows about this covered teaser shortly before Frankfurt 2001 ?)

  43. I think it´s 9x. The pic Tiago do Vale sent shows it all. Someone is trying to fool us all! But let´s wait till Geneva and see who was fool after all.

  44. @ Tim: haha yehh thats ugly…. its kinda nice that they’re saying that the 9-1 could be rebadged as something else rather than the other way round…. this could make the value of the 9-1 less… we’ll have to wait and see, hopefully they don’t

  45. Unfortunately it looks like most future Saabs will be stuck with an Aero-X nose so I guess that’s why Autoblog used that picture. I think the next model Astra should be enough for Saturn. Any sharing of the Saab will seriously undermine the brand.

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