Saab Aero-X goes to Hollywood

I chose not to go nuts on video footage in Detroit, opting for recorded interviews that I’ll be presenting here in the near future in text form.

Ryan, at Saabhistory, did go nuts with video and there’s a whole bunch of recorded interviews with key Saab personnel for you to peruse.

I’ve just been watching the interview with Eric Geers, where I noted that the Saab Aero-X is soon to feature in a movie after talks with producers etc., were held at least partly in Detroit.

The Saab Aero-X put a whole new spotlight on Saab back in 2006. If the film it’s going to appear in is a major new release, and a successful one, then it could well kick off a whole new round of momentum. Assuming the film comes along in 18 months or so then it’s also possible that this momentum would coincide with some new vehicles from Saab, too.

The only thing left is to speculate as to what sort of film it might be.

Transformers II – I’ve heard previously that it was sought, but declined, for the first Transformers film.

A Bond film – it’s about time James Bond got back into a Saab.

Any other suggestions?

20 thoughts on “Saab Aero-X goes to Hollywood

  1. I could easily associate the Aero X with a batmobile, but obviously that would have to be black. Maybe if batman started breeding Albino Bats :)

  2. Whatever film it appears in, i hope it generates enough interest for them to build the damn car -or at least something very close to it.
    Talk about Saab missing a trick for not putting the car into production already :(

  3. Ooooo, I hope Transformers 2 –

    Make it Wheeljack my fav character – Autobot engineer/ scientist, fits with the Saab image too.

  4. definately as the new Batmobile would be an awesome push. Just imagine the toys and videogames that are created for these films, not to mention all other forms of merchandise this could reel in. The most obvious choice would be Transformers II though, seeming that would be the one movie GM could advertise many of their different brandings all at once.

  5. If you take another look at that car, it has Bond written all over it.

    Batman would be ok, but in those films they really “modify” cars to the extreme and I want people to take the car seriously.

    Transformers would be nice because of the demographic involved…Get the name out there to younger people!

    “It’s not your grandfather’s 9-5 anymore, kids…”

  6. Ying: Wheeljack was the first Transformer toy i ever bought, and yes, he would be PERFECT as the Aero-X.

    Heck, if Saab get the green light to build it as well, that would just make me smile for decades to come :)

  7. Definitely Bond. James Bond.

    IIRC BMW launched the Z3 by putting it in a Bond film, very successfully (again, if memory serves).

    Of course the movie’s use of the car made no sense. As a car guy, I was watching the film, thinking “what is a hot, as-yet-unreleased BMW doing in Communist Cuba, of all places? And wouldn’t a secret agent stick out like a sore thumb driving a brand new BMW in a country where they’re all still driving 1959 Cadillacs?”

    Of course these thoughts receded as I watched the hot Bond girl ride in the hot car in a tropical paradise.

  8. Greg – Bond in a Beamer makes no sense, let alone a Beamer in Cuba.

    Batman – No. Bruce Wayne drives gooftacular exotics like Lambos and Zondas. A Saab would make him look too smart. Remember, he has to keep up the “dumb rich guy” facade to keep people from thinking he’s the Batman. As for the Dark Knight…he already has a Batmobile, and they’re never (visibly) based off of real cars.

    Transformers – Hell yes Wheeljack. Nuff said.

    Bond – Yes yes yes. It makes perfect sense.

  9. If you watch Transformers you can see that GM is all over that movie specially the transformers itself. Every transforem exept optimus prime is a GM car so i would not be that surprised if the saab is in the next movie. They intorduced the camaro concept in that movie whay couldn’t they do the same thing with the saab?

  10. In a Transformers movie they could also bring Jazz back as the Saab or possibly Blur. Transformers is probably a shoe in though seeing how Saab has already used a commercial where one of their products transforms anyway.

  11. I definitely second the idea of either Transformers 2/A new bond film

    It would be easy and amazing to see the Aero-X as a character in Transformers.
    Although it’d be equally amazing, I have a harder time seeing Bond driving the Aero-X (Even with the “Silver Beast” history)

  12. Heheh, glad there’s fellow Wheeljack fans.

    I love his engineer personality and the car mode is just pure genious:
    Lancia Stratos Turbo Gp.5, If I have enough money I would dealy want to build a replica of that beautiful car.

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